Pressure Pot (8 Quart)


  • An 8-qt. pressure pot used to cure a wide variety of acrylics that require heat and pressure. Features a heat-control thermostat and an internal temperature gauge, which allow for an accurate reading and setting of the pot's internal temperature. Internal diameter is 9-1/2" and depth is 6-1/4". Adjustable temperature range up to 212°F. Pressure-lock valve allows unit to be disconnected from air line and maintains air pressure.
  • Pneumatic Pressure Pot Cures a Variety of Acrylics Requiring Heat & Pressure
  • Features - Heat Control Thermostat, Internal Temperature Gauge
  • Pressure Lock Valve Allows the Unit to be Disconnected from the User's Airline While Maintaining Air Pressure
  • 8 Quart
  • Seperate gauge for temperature and pressure