For over 60 years Almore International has prided itself on introducing quality, innovative and unique products to the dental industry.  

The uniqueness of Almore’s product line began in 1946 with the introduction of the Binocular Headband Loupe by Dr. Arne Lauritzen and company founder Alvin Moore.  Two examples of Almore’s extensive list of trademark products are the Richwil Crown & Bridge Remover and the Endo Ring.  The Richwil Crown & Bridge Remover was conceived by William Oliva and Dr. Richard Oliva of the University of California Los Angeles.  The Richwil Crown & Bridge Remover was introduced to the dental industry in 1979 and continues to this day to be one of our outstanding products.  The following year Dr. Hal Oien and Dr. James Johnsen presented Almore with an idea for a revolutionary endodontic aid.  In 1981 the Endo Ring was introduced to the dental community.  Currently, the Endo Ring remains as one of the company’s most popular and reputable products.  Almore offers an assortment of products ranging from a preferred line of laboratory waxers, waxes, composite instruments, articulating film, operatory products, endodontic products, and registration material.  The company is also a proud distributor of Dentatus, Danville, Jordco, Roydent, Hager, Terrapin, Java Crowns, Citrus-Mate, G.E. Rudischauser, and Blazer.

Almore is located in Beaverton, Oregon just outside of Portland.  The facility is less than 10 miles from Alvin Moore’s original tool shop and the company’s place of origin.  Today, Almore continues to define itself by responsive service, quality products, and innovative ideas.


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